Tuesday, 3 September 2013

1. Kos, Greece

Kos, Greece

It's my first flip flop. I bought it in 2009 when I was in Greece for one day trip. We arrived in Kos by ferry from Turkey. Kos is an amazing beautiful island situated near more popular island Rhodes. I took a lot of photos and they are really nice souvenir to me but as a fan of fridge magnets I had to buy one. Ok, actually I bought more than one. But one of them - flip flop - was special. He began my collection. I don't know why I chose flip flop. Maybe because I can't wear flip flops as shoes because of my way of walking so perhaps it was like 'Ok, I can't wear flip flops but I can still buy them as a fridge magnet.' And that is how my collection began. I hope that one day I will come back to Kos because I have a photo when I was buying this magnet and now I see that there were other beautiful flip flops and I think they are waiting for me.

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