Sunday, 15 September 2013

5. Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt

When I was in Egypt for the first time, in Sharm El Sheikh I was looking for flip flop for two weeks but I didn't find him. Last year I visited Egypt again. That time I was in Hurghada. I was really determined to find him. I was looking everywhere. I've checked every single souvenir shop but without success. I was dissapointed so I've bought other souvenirs out of desperation. After two weeks of searching we arrived to airport with nothing. I was tired, it was a middle of the night. Me, my friends and my 7-years-old cousin were waiting for our flight. Cousin was annoying, we were exhausted but he just wanted to visit every shop at the airport. So when he told me that he had found a flip flop I didn't belive him. I thought that it was an excuse to forced me to go with him. But I was wrong. He really found a flip flop. You can admire him (flip flop, not cousin) in the photo above. He represents the reef of Red Sea and he reminds me how I love to diving.

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