Wednesday, 28 August 2013


It's my first note here so I want to explain why I created this blog. Before I start I'd like to apologize for my english. I'm trying to write properly but you know sometimes it's difficult to express myself in foreign language. Ok, let's keep to the point. I'm a normal girl with a little obsession. I'm fond of collecting things. When I was a child I was collecting little guidebooks made of wood which I used to buy during my numerous travels across Poland where I come from. Later I was collecting candles from Polish seaside but the biggest collection I have is collection of giraffes. But I created this blog for share with you my international collection of... flip flops fridge magnets. Since 2009 (when I bought my first magnet) my collection has risen to 25 flip flops. This collection means a lot to me because many of these magnets were bought by my friends. Every flip flop has his own story and I want to share it with you. I would be happy to meet other magnets' collectors. Perhaps someone will be interested in exchange... For flip flop from Your country I could offer you some beautiful magnets from Poland. I would be glad if anyone could support my collection. If you have any proposition, please just write to me :)

All the best

This photo was taken a year ago, now collection is bigger.


  1. Widzę, że ja z moimi dwoma klapkami to jestem mały pikuś :)

    1. Dwa, ale za to z takich miejsc, do których jeszcze nie dotarłam :)